Thesis Project

New Retro: An Exploration of Modern Video Games With A Retro Aesthetic

May 5, 2017

This research paper is about the differences in experiences video game players have when playing retro games, modern games, and recent games created using a retro aesthetic. The definition of modern games using a retro aesthetic is any game made for modern video game hardware (consoles, handhelds, and computers) that uses game design choices or visual stylings of older video games. The paper focuses on the types of games video game players enjoy, and the different emotions they associate with the games from different generations. A total of 17 participants took the survey, and a total of 6 study participants chose to be interviewed. Both of these research methods were utilized to gain a better understanding of how video game players experience games from different generations. The outcome of the study is a proof of concept experience that takes elements from across gaming generations and combines them into one event. The prototype is usability tested to see if video game players connect well with the multiple experiences converging together.

Design Prototype

Full Thesis Document

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