Thesis Project

Maintaining Social Connectedness: Hanging Out Using Facebook Messenger

May 5, 2016

The research paper is about maintaining social connectedness through hanging out using Facebook Messenger. This research explains how young adults and adults, age 18-29 years, connect with friends by hanging out. The definition “hanging out” does not mean speaking the entire time when friends meet up. Hanging out means being and establishing familiarity through a series of “chit chats” while engaged in other activities. The paper is mainly focused on how people define hanging out and how young adults are currently utilizing Facebook Messenger to maintain those social connections digitally. A total of 51 young adults participated in the survey to discover how people are hanging out physically and digitally. 6 survey participants were interviewed. Both methods are created to discover design opportunities the Facebook Messenger. The research outcome is a prototype conversation generator. Usability tests are conducted with the prototype to confirm its capabilities to identify the feature usefulness in messenger hangout settings.

Full Thesis Document

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