Designing for Belonging with Females in eSports

May 12, 2021
Kim Huffman


Esports is defined as a form of sport competition that involves video games. With the rise of female gamers in eSports, there seems to be more controversy in online gaming communities. Specifically, focusing on the divide of genders due to the ongoing issue with inclusion and lack of good sportsmanship while gaming. These barriers limit a sense of belonging for female gamers within esports.


Empathy Map

Experience Map


Design Solution

To bring inclusiveness together for all gamers who are interested in esports, I am creating a website made
specifically for that issue. Looking for gamers or LFG for short is an ALL inclusive website where you can find people to play with. The website inlcudes:

Signing Up
Filling out a short survey
Searching a variety of esports gamers
Connecting and playing with other gamers

Through this platform I hope to bring together like minded people who are interested in the same games and play styles as one another.


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